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Andersonville is a ‘sub neighborhood’ located in the southwest corner of Edgewater, first settled in the mid- 19th century by Swedes migrating to the shores of Chicago. Approximate street boundaries for Andersonville (and this is subjective, especially with Realtors and happy residents) stretch from Winnemac north to Victoria and Ravenswood east to Magnolia. According to the Chicago Historical Society Andersonville was named after Reverend Anderson who had a church here in the early 1900s – however, according to the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce it was named after a local landowner John Anderson who came to Andersonville back in the 1850s. Locals now call it A-ville!!
Though it started as a sleepy, Scandinavian farming community; it has now grown into one of Chicago’s most popular and sought after neighborhoods. Andersonville is known for its unique commercial district which until recently was made up of almost entirely independently and locally owned shops, stores and restaurants. This is one of the best features of Clark Street and still has a very old world flavor. Today it is a thriving, hipster neighborhood, super family friendly, and a sizable LGBT community, but you’ll still find hints of those who were here generations ago. Though some larger companies have recently moved in, you can still many mom/pop shops, get an awesome Swedish breakfast at Svea serving the best coffee and Swedish potatoes you could ask for, one of Chicago's first dispensarys, and tons of new business moving to our hood.

Additionally, Andersonville plays host to one of the summer’s largest and most anticipated street fairs – Midsommarfest.  Since 1964 when Andersonville was ‘rededicated’ following a post-war decline, the Swedish tradition of celebrating the summer solstice has evolved over time and welcomes residents from all over Chicago to enjoy this now 3 day street festival.

And in October of 2021, TimeOut magazine named Andersonville one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world!!! See the article here.  

A Bit About Andersonville


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